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Your Weekend Crime Blotter

By Karl Klockars on Jan 13, 2008 11:30AM

Bad behavior cranks up on the weekends, so here's a quick heads-up on all the horrible, terrible no-good things going on in our little world.

More proof that there's plenty of assholes still left in the world: A Jewish cemetary near Norridge was defaced last Sunday, with 57 gravesites taking about $100k worth of damage. A press conference was held on Friday, in which Sheriff Tom Dart brought the Dante: "The desecration of graves has a level in the circles of hell that goes to the very bottom." Amen. The amount of damage has led them to believe that more than one person was involved; to report any information, you can call the Sheriff's office at (847) 635-1188.

And you thought your dad's rec room was cool: Cops in New Chicago, Indiana (where's that, you ask? Right here!) have busted two seniors for running a bar/casino. This wouldn't be a big deal, of course, if it wasn't out of one of their houses. Is it really that hard to find $1.50 beers in Indiana and a game of pulltabs? Apparently so - over a three hour raid, over 5,000 pull tab games, two dozen slot machine motherboards, and several hundred tip boards. What, no baccarat? Weak.

How much GHB does one guy need?:
Cops hauled in $50k worth of what cops believe to be the date-rape drug (tests will confirm, of course) after a traffic stop in Albany Park on Friday. When will people learn - if you're carrying a shit-ton of controlled substances, don't have a headlight out. That's what the driver has hopefully figured out after getting pulled over for the headlight infraction - the Trib is reporting that police then confiscated 5600 grams of a "clear liquid." Here's some service journalism - our math has figured out that that's about a gallon and a half worth. You're welcome.

Up With Hope, Down With Dope: And just how much pot makes up $300k worth? Apparently it's 50,000 grams, which (here comes the math again) is about 110 pounds. Cops made the bust near Chinatown on Saturday night, and arrested 7 people.

The Lure of the "Cool Relative" Strikes Again:
Hey kids - if you have your of-age family member get you a bunch of booze, and then think you can get away with posting "we're so wasted" photos on the intertron, think again. A couple dozen Lombard kids did just that, and done got Jessica Holz of Glen Ellyn busted. Who narc'ed? The cops did what you'd assume a bunch of web-savvy Myspace/Facebook trolling cops would do, and totally harshed their post-party mellow. They busted the kids for underage posession, and the 34-year-old Holz with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. As the young'uns are sayin' these days...oh snap.

Bitchin' rec room photo courtesy of Classic Gaming.