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Extra, Extra

By Margaret Lyons in News on Jan 15, 2008 1:09AM


So the Sun-Times is laying off reporters, but it still has the money to run a moronic article about presidential candidates' sexiness? John Edwards is "not exactly wet-T-shirt sexy, but it still sets a few hearts aflutter," Rudy Giuliani is "now rather frigid," John McCain is "a far cry from a sexy man in uniform," Hillary Clinton has "stripped herself of the trappings of sexuality and femininity," Mike Huckabee "Preacher. Moving right along...," Mitt Romney's "tendency to flip-flop on certain issues belies his discomfort with sexuality," and Barack Obama "exudes the most sex appeal of the bunch." [S-T]

Best Buy is going to sponsor the Fire's uniforms. [Crain's]

RIP, Micco the dolphin. Brookfield Zoo's 6-year-old bottlenose dolphin died of what was probably a respiratory infection. [Trib]

While perusing the Brookfield Zoo site for additional info on Micco, we stumbled upon videos of Goldie the baby wombat. And this picture of Goldie in her mom's pouch. Kinda weird? Kinda adorbs? The jury's out on the pouch photo, but the rest of it is fabulous.

Gah! An Amtrak officer severed his thumb in a door at Union Station. [S-T]

No, it's not tilt-shift: Andy Marfia shot the miniature train set at the MSI