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Today's Awesome is Checking Your Sugar Level

By Margaret Lyons in Miscellaneous on Jan 17, 2008 8:07PM


It's not quite as awesome as snagging one of the solo seats on the bus or Brown Line, but getting the whole standing area to yourself is pretty awesome, On The Flipside.

WBEZ condensed a day in the life of the Illinois Supreme Court into one awesome minute. (And...was that a shout-out to one of the State's most intriguing cases?)

CPS teacher and NYT blogger Will Okun thinks Chicago high school basketball is pretty awesome.

We love meat, we love landscapes, we like unusual sculptures... but we still find this meatscape oddly disturbing. In an awesome way, duh. [via]

Whatsamatter? Too much dog stuff recently? Perhaps we can interest you in kittens playing pool. Or cats in a western. Actually, this entire site has caused our brain to boil itself in joy sauce. We can't resist one more dog picture. But here's another cat. One more?

Tip Me Over Pour Me Out's "seven minute rule"--"If you're a girl with a boyfriend and you meet a guy at a party, you must make a reference to your boyfriend within the first seven minutes of conversation"--applies to dudes with girlfriends too, FYI, and is a really, really good rule.