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Steve Dahl to Host Drew Peterson Dating Segment

By Margaret Lyons in News on Jan 23, 2008 7:42PM

2008_1_23.dahl.jpgSteve Dahl is hosting a "Win a Date With Drew Peterson" segment on his show tomorrow morning at 8am.

Dahl has been a talking about Drew Peterson so much we actually thought he was a columnist for the Sun-Times instead of the Tribune, but Peterson and his lawyer Joel Brodsky actually called into the show this morning--after Dahl played his Drew-impression singing "Have You Seen Her". From the show's log:

7:57 Steve has a situation that he needs Buzz's advice on. It's a freaky situation too. On line one is Joel Brodsky, attorney for Drew Peterson. Do we really want to get that close to this?
7:58 Joel is telling us that Drew wants to call in. ...
7:59 OK, Joel Brodsky is on the air and it's really him. Steve recognizes his voice because he's on TV a lot....
8:01 So Drew wants to call in. Steve's not sure if he wants to get that close. Joel was thinking they could have Dueling Petersons or something.
8:02 Drew likes the songs Steve has done. This is really freaking Steve out. Steve thought Drew was charging for interviews.
8:03 Maybe they could license the Drew Peterson songs or something. Joel wants to do this right now.
8:04 Steve feels he needs to go with this. If he waits until after the show he won't pull the trigger on it. ...
8:10 Alright Drew is on the line. His friends call him all the time and tell him about [Dahl's parody] songs.
...[chitchat about Bolingbrook.]..
8:20 Joel suggests Win a Date with Drew. Steve would do that, in for a penny, in for a pound right? How about tomorrow at 8? Drew wants someone who sounds more like him though. Steve thinks he sounds like Drew. It's a caricature he's doing but It's close enough to entertain the masses. Who picks the dates? Steve will line up the bachelorettes and Drew gets to pick. We'll probably have to send a chaperone just to be on the safe side. Drew wants Steve as the chaperone on the date.,,,
8:29 ...Steve doesn't have all the details so he doesn't know. All he knows is it's a comedic goldmine for him.
8:30 So plan on Dating Game with Drew tomorrow at 8 unless they change their mind. If they were smart they would. If there is a date Steve's going to chaperone. He'd love to get the film rights to something like that.

You can also listen to part of the segment but we can't figure out how to permalink it. Eeeesh.

Image from Dahl's website