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Oprah Watch

By Margaret Hicks in Miscellaneous on Jan 26, 2008 7:52PM

oz1_26_08.jpg It's been a hard week for Oprah. Seems some peeps are mad that Oprah signed Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (mouthful of a name) to her Oprah and Friends XM radio station. They're questioning how Oprah could sign someone who backs Giuliani when her support is so strong for Obama. Wah? This is why we don't wish for fame. Oh, and this reason: one of the other news stories this week is how Oprah is a traitor for backing a male candidate instead of the female candidate. Damned if, damned if. Oh, and if you're planning a trip to New York so you can see "The Color Purple" on Broadway (we just know you are) you better head out quick, the show ends February 24th after over 900 performances.

We knew Tuesday's quit smoking show with Dr. Oz was a big one because it was the first time we've seen him in muggle clothes. Some of us have just recently quit smoking, so it was especially interesting to watch this ep. We thought Oz did a good job with it, but we found our inner annoyance meter rising getting smoking advice from a non-smoker. What struck us about this episode was that these people (300 smokers in the audience) head to the Oprah show thinking they're going to get some kind of answer they didn't get before. They're so hopeful and they end up with the same old advice smokers have been getting for years. That's not the fault of Dr. Oz or Oprah -- they're doing their best -- but we can almost see the disappointment in guests faces when they realize that even the great words of Oprah aren't going to get them to quit smoking, but that picture of how a smoker ages might.

smoker1_25_08.jpgWednesday's show was another confusing bunch of famous people selling wares under the general category of "all things American." We suppose Paul Anka and cheeseburgers are American, but Shelley Hack? We guess she is an American, so yeah, that must count. Ok.

Thursday made us so happy. Oh Daniel Day-Lewis, can you be anymore of a little cutie-pie face? We wondered how Oprah would handle the news of Heath Ledger's death -- if she would say anything or not -- turns out it was Day-Lewis who stopped the interview to mention his sadness and how strange it was to be talking about Oscar awards when such a tragedy had occurred. We thought the rest of the show was great, we have all kinds of crushes on Laura Linney and Marion Cotillard was so beautiful we're not even sure we can see "La Vie En Rose."

You know what? Oprah says "fantastic" a lot. A LOT.

Next week looks pretty good with world record holders, a self-defense show and Bette Midler.

Email blast of the week. Oprah wants to know if we want a green makeover and an underwear overhaul. [Ed note: Does that involve Oprah buying us tons of new undies? Cause if yes, then totally on the second part.] Yuck. Next time, maybe those two shouldn't be in the same email?