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Commit to the Indian > Red Rising?

By Margaret Lyons in News on Jan 28, 2008 9:46PM

2008_1_28.bhawks.jpgBlackhawks coach Denis Savard read his team the riot act last week and dropped the phrase "Commit to the Indian"--and it's making a meme of itself. Enough so that team prez John McDonough said he'd consider using it in an official capacity. [Trib]

The Blackhawks' current slogan is "Red Rising." Bleeeh. So far, Chicagoist writers and associates have thought "Red Rising" was....

    ++ Racist

    ++ Something about periods

    ++ A horrible Soviet revolution

    ++ "I thought of communists with tampons in their nose. But that's only because I was watching Sex and the City a few days ago."

Anyway, might be time for a new slogan, guys.