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If You Must Order Pizza...

By Laura Oppenheimer in Food on Feb 1, 2008 3:45PM

2008_2_sliceopie.jpgThe Super Bowl is coming on Sunday, like it or not, and with it comes analysis of the action on the field, the commercials, and what's sitting on the plate in front of you. You could go the classy route and cook up a feast for your football-watching friends. Or you could join your fellow Americans in helping to make Feb. 3 the most popular pizza ordering day of the year.

Though Chicago has no dearth of delicious pizza places, a good number of you will inevitably order from a chain. It's just the way it happens ("I want Piece." "I want Rinallis." I want Lou Malnattis." "Fuck it, lets just get Dominos so we have something to eat before the Pats squash the Giants," is sort of how we imagine this conversation happening.)

Luckily Slice has got you covered, with "careful analysis of the various crusts, toppings, and specialty pizzas from Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Papa John's." Adam Kuban's clever take on each pizza provider's MVP options, second string players, and "disabled list" pies, will give you the know how and wherewithal to pick the right pie for your party.

Slice's "post game analyses": Most Papa John's options are safe bets (though they have limited Chicago locations); the olive-and-bacon Pizza Mia from Pizza Hut is strangely delicious, and skip Dominos unless what's most important is super cheap eats and speedy delivery.

Image via Slice.