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Queue Tips: Snow

By Rob Christopher in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 7, 2008 3:50PM

2008_2snow.jpg Fellini once famously said that there are two things that always look great on film: trains and snow. Just in case you're a bit tired of looking at all the snow outside, which by now is more like evil slush, here are some suggestions for your Netflix or greencine queue so you can get a good look at some snow on screen:

1. Akira Kurosawa's Dreams [1990]
The most harrowing sequence in this film involves a lost group of mountaineers, stranded during a blizzard. Just as the situation appears hopeless a Snow Fairy appears; but is it friendly or malicious? Another vignette, which stars Martin Scorsese as Van Gogh, will have you yearning for springtime.

2. The Thing [1982]
Scientists at an outpost in Antarctica are picked off one by one by an alien. This scared the bejeepers out of us as kids. The recent remastered DVD edition features a kickin' 5.1 soundtrack. You may consider curling up with a hot toddy...but you'll still shiver.

3. On Dangerous Ground [1952]
A character study masquerading as a film noir, this masterpiece stars Robert Ryan as hardened city cop reassigned to the countryside after he busts a few too many heads on the job. While on a murder investigation he crosses paths with a blind woman played by Ida Lupino, who lives alone in a snowbound cabin. Their slowly deepening relationship is enhanced by the stark beauty of the snow-covered landscape, captured in luminous black & white. Absolutely essential.

What are your favorite frosty flicks?

Kurosawa still via Ironic Teachings