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SXSW ♥ Chicago

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 7, 2008 10:03PM

2008_02_sxsw.jpgSXSW just released their full band list and the number of Chicago bands is really encouraging as far as supporting the national impact of our little scene. It's also a good indicator of just how genre-less Chicago is, since the bands range from punk, hip-hop, pop, math-rock, metal, and good ol' fashioned "college rock." It could haave easily been predicted that bands like OFFICE, The Redwalls, Sybris, and The 1900s were in, but big ups to local metal crew Bible Of The Devil and the overlooked and uncategorizable Tub Ring for being selected. And Yakuza? They picked the punk-jazz-metal of Yakuza? Awesome.We're shocked but pleased to see see Naked Raygun will be making a trek down to Austin, but we're really surprised to see Joan Of Arc heading South. Who knew they were still active?

There are a few head-scratchers -- who the hell is Trevor Menear?* -- but for the most part we're pleased to see the contingent heading to the festival is a strong one, and one truly made out of many of the best bands Chicago has to offer.

Check out the full list of bands making the trek after the jump.

*And will that question turn out to be our own version of the infamous "who's Garth Brooks?"

The Audition
Bible of the Devil
Bound Stems
Nick Butcher
The Chandeliers
The Cool Kids
The Hush Sound
Icy Demons
Joan of Arc
Le Concorde
Make Believe
Mannequin Men
Maps & Atlases
Walter Meego
Trevor Menear
Mittens on Strings
Naked Raygun
The 1900s
Pit er Pat
The Redwalls
Russian Circles
Tub Ring
Andre Williams