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Chicagoland Barbies?

By Tankboy in Miscellaneous on Feb 12, 2008 7:00PM

2008_02_ChcgoBarbies_hdr.gifHas this little email forward hit your inbox yet? Someone with too much time on their hands has created Chicagoland Area Barbies, each of which represents supposed Chicagoland stereotypes.

We couldn’t help but notice that, at least from our experience, the city-based images were a little off. Lincoln Park Barbie in all her lesbian glory is clearly a transplant from Andersonville. And the trannies we know typically stay out of the hipster 'hoods and gravitate more towards Boystown. And Southside Barbie? We don’t know where exactly she’s from but she’s wearing a Steelers t-shirt ... wha-?

It made us wonder – are any of these even close? We’re all for blatant generalizations in the name of humor, but for goodness sake if you’re going to stereotype, do it right.

Check them all out after the jump and let us know what you think.

Thanks, Alison!