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Lather, Rinse, Repeat at City Hall

By Margaret Lyons in News on Feb 21, 2008 6:32PM

2008_2_21.shower.jpgJohn Kass doesn't want us to think about his "Mediterranean back hair," which pretty much guarentees that's ALL we're going to be able to think about for, oh, ever, but he's really writing about what's he's dubbed "Showergate": City Budget Director Bennett Johnson III has installed a shower in his City Hall office. It's at his own expense, and City Hall spokesfolk say he wants it because he bikes to work sometimes and wants to rub a dub dub when he gets to the office.

Johnson's will not be the first shower in City Hall. The chief of staff's office got one in the 1970s, and the mayor's office has had one "forever," Heard said. The office of the Streets and Sanitation commissioner, who sometimes works round the clock during snowstorms and other emergencies, also has a shower.

Other people are thinking about the Simpsons where Homer gets to use the executive washroom, right?

But that got us common are at-work showers? Do any of you fine readers rinse off at work? Is an in-office shower a regular thing for fancypants execs? [Trib story, John Kass]

Showerhead via AMagill