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Rex, They're Not That Into You...

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Feb 25, 2008 3:57PM

2007_07_sports_rex_grossman.jpgBut they've got to take somebody to the big dance, the Bears told Rex Grossman on Saturday. The Bears and their erratic, starting QB agreed to a one-year, $3 million deal. Wow... that's like asking the ugly girl to the prom because all the prettier girls and the ones who put out have dates already.

By granting Grossman one more year, are the Bears might be hoping that he can finally shed the ugly hair and glasses to become the most beautiful QB on the field? That's what seemingly happened with Eli Manning that past season. Or have the Bears resigned themselves to always being the loser who'll never land the quarterback of their dreams, while Grossman has realized he'll never be talked to by the cool kids? Why else would he accept a short-term deal before even testing the free agent market?

Heading into this off-season, the Bears had a number of glaring holes to patch on offense. The release of Mushin Muhammed and the expected departure of Bernard Barrian as a free agent only created more. So perhaps falling back on Rexy one more time wasn't the worst decision. With one need checked off the list, they can focus on giving him some targets to throw to, as well as rebuilding their offensive line and deciding what to do at running back. And, should some better QB come along, the Bears haven't committed so much money or time to prevent them from making a change. And Rex will be forced to stand like a wallflower on the sidelines.