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Time for Your Dose of Awesome

By Margaret Lyons in Miscellaneous on Feb 26, 2008 11:08PM

There's something kind of great about the way this row in our Flickr pool lined up. Photos from Katherine of Chicago, Katherine of Chicago, Chilene, Timo3K, JoeM500, and fjsjr.

Local outfit Coudal has unveiled a betting pool for the 2008 Tournament of Books. Place your bets with Coudal, and all the money goes to First Book, an organization that gives new books to kids. Other companies are offering matching contributions, so bust out your wallet and lay some dough on the literary line.

"Breeders Unveil New Mastiffeagle." Scientists, please make this joke a reality.

Everybody loves a good mugshot, and who doesn't like goofy internet quizzes? Behold, their unholy alliance: Guess My Crime.

Our fascination with people painted like their environments continues. (See also: When A Stranger Calls Back--please, someone else, have seen this movie--and Wednesday Addams.)

And...we, too, want to emerge in spring as a beautiful hobutterfly.