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Chicagoist Weekend Blotter

By Prescott Carlson in News on Mar 3, 2008 1:00AM

Photo of our police vehicle of choice if we were on the force by Steven Crane

The warm weather seems to have kept some of our naughty citizens somewhat at bay this weekend, but there was still some activity in Chicago's criminal justice world:

Ex-alderman Dorothy Tillman was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama after a confrontation at her aunt's hospital. Be sure to click on the story for a rare photo of Ms. Tillman sans hat. [Trib]

A south side man, John Small, was charged with fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend. Small has a cornucopia of convictions on his rap sheet, including arson, robbery, and felony possession of a firearm. [Trib]

The bomb squad was called to the Macy's at Old Orchard and they had to evacuate the place. Have the Macy's boycotters upped the ante? [D-H]

A man in Little Village was shot by a masked offender while driving his car down South California Avenue. If it wasn't random, that sure must have taken some patience and planning. [S-T]

Craig Stebic: "Hey, if Drew can get his shit back, why can't I? No fair!" :stamps feet: [Trib]

Phew, thank god we don't have to hunt down an alternate source to get our fill of turkey nards. [C-N]

File this one under "seriously overreaching": a north side man claims that "a childhood head injury, a lingering mental illness and his bad reaction to a weight-loss drug" caused him to attack a 14-year-old boy. [S-T]