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Ron Huberman, De-Gumming Your World One Bus Seat at a Time

By Margaret Lyons in News on Mar 5, 2008 6:00PM

World's most expensive bullet point.

CTA President Ron Huberman, quickly becoming our favorite public official, unveiled an epic improvement plan for the CTA yesterday. Whew! The 75-page .pdf outlines his plan, though questions like "where will this money come from" remain.

Huberman says the slow zones are on their way to being eliminated, that he's increasing the efficiency of bus repairs, generating more non-ride money by wooing advertisers and vendors, and he promised that buses and trains will be way cleaner thanks to "gum busters," a high-tech cleaning device. As always, the CTA Tattler has the skinny, too.

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Where is that Budweiser truck going?
Let it be known: The CTA is nothing if not self-aware.
Gum buster powers...activate!