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Man Kills, Fakes Death, Commits Suicide in Apparent Insurance Scheme

By Margaret Lyons in News on Mar 6, 2008 9:51PM


Paging Dick Wolf. This case is fucked up.

Ari Squire, 39, didn't die two weeks ago when he was crushed by his truck. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Sunday. The man crushed in Lake Barrington on February 23 was actually 20-year-old Justin Newman, and it wasn't an accident. Police say Squire murdered Newman in an attempt to fake his own death, collect his life insurance policy and steal the younger man's identity.

Squire ran a construction business and knew Newman because he worked at Home Depot. Police say that Squire targeted Newman because the men had similar builds, so Newman's body could believably be Squire's. Newman went to Squire's home on the 23, and apparently Squire killed him by crushing him under a pick-up truck.

From the Trib:

Squire swapped clothes and wallets with Newman and then burned the garage to stage his death, authorities said. Squire then ordered a credit card in Newman's name, and bought blue contacts and brown hair-coloring to match Newman's eyes and hair, authorities said.

Squire then fled to Eureka, Missouri, where local police were randomly checking the license plates of cars parked in a Days Inn parking lot. Squire had stolen Newman's car, and Newman's mother had reported him missing. When police knocked on the door at his hotel room, Squire shot himself.

Police say his motive was the $5 million life insurance policy and that Squire's wife Denise, who has been "less than candid," is a person of interest. [Trib, NBC 5, Sun-Times]