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Ask Chicagoist: Where Should I Shop for My Pregnant Belly?

By Thales Exoo in Miscellaneous on Mar 7, 2008 3:31PM

2008_03_askmaternity.jpgDear Chicagoist--

I'm a former Chicagoan who relocated north to the Twin Cities. I use your site to keep tabs on the city I still hold dear in my heart. I try to frequent once or twice a year, and this upcoming trip I have planned is the first time I'll visit the city while being pregnant. My question is then: Can you recommend any fun maternity boutiques and baby/kids stores to check out? It seems that babies are the latest trendy accessory and since I can't visit my favorite shops because I'm not my regular size, I figure I might as well have fun exploring new ground, namely all things baby in Chicago. Thanks!


Congratulations, Minneapolis Jen!

Yes indeed. A few years ago the words "fashionable" and "pregnant" were polar opposites. The frumpy pregnant woman was pretty much the norm, and the few cool maternity labels were probably completely unaffordable for most of us. Right after a friend started her own maternity line (therefore making us actually notice such things) the market seemed to explode; now, fashionable pregnant women are everywhere. Designer babies and bellies, we suppose. All sorts of unspeakably adorable little boutiques for trendy little urban babies and the people who grow them have popped up all over the city.

The usual chain stores like Gap and Target we're leaving out in favor of more eclectic and fun places -- but really when it comes to getting things a little more affordable than the trendy boutique, we'd imagine those are tops.

Check out these maternity clothing shops (many of these have baby stuff too):

  • Belly Dance Maternity at 1647 N. Damen (773-862-1133)
  • Dan Howard's Maternity Factory Outlet at 4245 N. Knox (773-777-2700)
  • In Due Time at 3044 W. North Shore (773-743-5570)
  • Kickin at 2142 W. Roscoe (773-281-6577)
  • Krista K Maternity and Baby at 3530 N. Southport (773-248-4477)
  • M2 Boutique at 3527 N. Southport (773-248-9866)
  • Mama Sooze Maternity at 350 N. Orleans (312-222-9573)
  • Mimi Maternity at 835 N. Michigan (312-335-1818)
  • My Sister's Closet Resale at 5413 W. Devon (773-774-5050)
  • A Pea in the Pod at 46 E. Oak (312-944-3080)
  • Preggers at 900 N. Michigan (312-943-MAMA)
  • Show and Tell Maternity at 1207 W. Webster (773-935-1349)
  • Spoiled But Not Rotten at 1201 W. Webster (773-935-1399)

And these baby boutiques:

Have fun shopping -- just don't forget to save some money for the new kid's college education while buying stuff at some of those places.

Image via Beatrice M

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