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Quick Bites

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Mar 27, 2008 3:38PM


  • We'll start this week's list by noting the passing of the creator of the Egg McMuffin. Herb Peterson, who began his McDonald's career at D'arcy Advertising in Chicago, passed away Tuesday at the age of 89. Mr. Peterson created the Egg McMuffin because he had a preference for eggs benedict and wanted to create something similar for the Golden Arches. He eventually went on to own and operate six franchises in Santa Barbara, California, Mr. Peterson is also responsible for McDonald's one-time slogan "Where Quality Starts Fresh Every Day."

  • From Time Out Chicago's April Fool's Issue: They've set their eyes on Donald Trump with both the cover and an eleven-star review of Sixteen Restaurant in Trump's new testament to self. Nagrant points out at Hungry Mag that the parody wouldn't be as biting if so man publications and websites relied on press releases to write their reviews, while those same publications cut the budgets for restaurant reviews and send their reviewers to "preview" openings that are tailored to cover all the warts of a restaurant. The "Yelp" effect, if you will.

  • There's a new blog out there run by one of the newer Drive-thru staffers. Abbey Gillespie's "No Olives" shows some promise. Gillespie pulls no punches, giving a rare pan to Paul Virant's Vie while raking May St. Café owner/chef Mario Santiago over some extremely hot coals for pandering too much to the clientèle and bragging about his accomplishments, and not spending enough time in the kitchen.

  • Another blog showing some promise: the Lush Wine and Spirits blog. Covering everything from favorite wines and beers to updates on their soon-to-debut patio space (for weddings) it's a great way for the staff at Lush to preach the gospel of wine.