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You're Gonna Take Away My Gusto?

By Prescott Carlson in Miscellaneous on Apr 5, 2008 4:27PM

In yesterday's Extra, Extra we announced the "triumphant" return of Classic Schlitz, and today the Trib's Phil Rosenthal looks at why Schlitz left in the first place. Sure, it could be that they messed with the formula, changing it from watered down piss to watered down piss with a hint of asparagus, or, as Rosenthal thinks, maybe it was their god awful advertising. Specifically, this spot that he dubs "Drink Schlitz or I'll Kill You":

Eh. Besides it just being as bad as Schlitz tastes, we don't really see the bloodlust and sadism that Rosenthal does. And it had a cougar! We love cougars! It's certainly not as bad as this one, featuring a construction worker manhandling a hapless Teri Garr: