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The 4,000

By Jess D'Amico in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 9, 2008 8:17PM

2008_04_crosses.jpgOften, the readings and events we post are for your consumption, and while all attendees are participant of sorts, it's rare that a direct contribution of yours actually becomes a permanent part of the piece.

4000 Words 4000 Dead is a project created by Red Rover co-curator and artist Jennifer Karmin. Her mission is to collect 4,000 words for use in a public poem about the war in Iraq. This is where you come in. Jennifer is now accepting submissions of one to 10 words for the poem.

There are two performances scheduled for 4000 Words. The incomplete poem will be read April 18 at the Guilld Complex's Art Against War event. The completed poem will be performed at Looptopia on May 2 where Jennifer will give out each word to passersby after the reading.

If you'd like to submit, email Jennifer at JKarmin[at}yahoo{dot}com with the subject line: "4000 WORDS" before April 30.

Image via Eleventh Earl of Mar