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Does The Olympic Torch Burn An Eternal Flame?

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Apr 10, 2008 6:27PM

2008_04_torch.jpgBy now, you've heard about the problems and protests the Olympic Torch has been having, including right here in Chicago. Yesterday, 100 protesters marched down Michigan Ave on the Near North Side to protest the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the upcoming Beijing-hosted Olympics and to coincide with the torch's super secret route through the streets of San Francisco. It's the fifth Tibet-related protest in the last month in Chicago.

While many political figures, including those running for President, have supported at least boycotting the Opening Ceremonies, Mayor Daley wants no part in any Olympic protest, saying,"There are legitimate concerns about Tibet, you know that, and other issues...There's nothing wrong with that. But the Olympic movement is not a political movement. It is not for the politicians. It's not. It's all about the athletes and harmony and competition." Daley kind of has a point, but damn! Pandering much?

We have mixed feelings about this. We hate to see the torch relay marred by political hullabaloo; the torchbearers have nothing to do with oppressing Tibet. But we agree something needs to be done about China's glaring human rights violations (and their poisonous toys). Of course, this whole mess gets filed under "Who Didn't See This Coming?". [Trib]

Image of Chicago's Free Tibet protest courtesy of mjkmjk