Goose Island Clybourn Brewpub to Close by Year-End

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Apr 14, 2008 5:54PM

2008_04_goose_island.pngAnd it is true: both dailies are reporting that Goose Island will close down its flagship brewpub on Clybourn by the end of the year, after losing its lease.

The brewpub, which founder John Hall opened in 1988, has survived demolition of the buildings surrounding it (and inspired one of Goose Island's signature brands); served as an anchor for the rapid retail development of the Clybourn corridor; attracted beer lovers from around the world; brewed over 2,100 batches of beer in over 200 styles; and helped Goose Island grow into the largest craft brewery in the Midwest.

As of post time, Brewmaster Greg Hall has not replied to attempts from Chicagoist for comment.