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Extra, Extra

By Margaret Lyons on May 6, 2008 12:13AM

Photo by From Dap-dap to the World

The Bus Tracker program will include 18 additional routes starting Monday, May 19. [Trib]

"Unusual Actions: [] Hiccuping []Belching []Vomiting []Fighting [X]Crying []Laughing []Other." [Reader]

U of I running back and 23rd overall draft pick Rashard Mendenhall was robbed at gunpoint last night on the South Side. He's fine. [S-T]

Blair Kamin says there's going to be a debate between Alderman Brendan Reilly (42nd) and Children's Museum President and CEO Jennifer Farrington tomorrow morning at 8am at the Union League Club of Chicago. It's $20, but it's open to the public. [Trib]

On the off chance you haven't seen these: the new Batman trailer, "Smell Yo Dick," which is clearly the summer jam of 2008.

George Hood of Aurora really wants to reclaim his record for continuous exercise. [ABC 7]

That's a lot of Trapper Keepers. [Less Than Greater Than]

IDOT is finally filling those pesky potholes. [CBS 2]

This five-year-old imitating Lou Piniella is pretty amazing, especially the dance at the end. [link, via]

We'll take "bizarre nightmarish imagery" for a thousand, Alex. [Monster-Munch]