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Here Comes the New Spindle, Same As the Old Spindle

By Karl Klockars in News on May 6, 2008 6:24PM

2008_5_6.spindledetail.jpgHold off on the mourning, all ye Spindle fans who continue to lament the loss of their beloved public art and pigeon poop collector. Could the citizenry of Berwyn get a new Spindle back in the parking lot instead of a Walgreens? Or, what the hell - how about on top of the Walgreens? The Tribune reports that the ownership of the mall is "open to spending an estimated $300,000 to create a new Spindle."

This raises the question: For the love of God, couldn't you just clean the thing and save $300K? If this goes back up, original artist Dustin Shuler (who apparently only works in the vehicle medium), is going to be the one who's laughing all the way to the bank: He still owns the copyright on the Spindle.

The top two cars - a VW Beetle and an old BMW (pictured) - were saved for posterity and would probably be put back on top of a new Spindle, if it comes to be. Note to Hollywood: if Spindle 2.0 goes up, this doesn't mean we need a Wayne's World 3 to make this one nationally famous.

Photo by Joe M500