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Beavers Wants Juvie Head To Dress Up

By Margaret Lyons in News on May 8, 2008 5:18PM

2008_5_8.canyougetanewphotopleasebillbeavers.jpgJuvenile Detention Center Director Earl Dunlap faced harsh words from County Commissioners yesterday on everything from his communication with the board to the way he dresses.

Dunlap says Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center is severely understaffed, and that because the hiring process is complex and overly bureaucratic, he needs more money to spend on overtime for current employees and for a private security firm to fill in the gaps. Tony Peraica was none too pleased with Dunlap's tactics, though. According to the ChiTown Daily News, he told Dunlap, "I have not seen you in this room since the budget talks so it's been a few month...I resent reading about these problems in the newspaper when all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call."

And then there's Bill Beavers. From the Sun-Times:

...County Commissioner William Beavers delivered a public dressing-down to [Dunlap], mockingly asking..."Do you own a suit?" while lecturing Dunlap that "your appearance commands respect" and that he's "supposed to be a role model."

Dunlap, wearing a white polo shirt tucked into Dockers pants, chimed back, "I command respect by the way I conduct myself," adding that "the last person I need to be judged by is you."

Way to focus on the issues, Commissioner Beavers! He also said he's had "some real, real serious problems" with Dunlap, who was talking to the commissioners about his budget.