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More Tiny Things To Be Banned?

By Karl Klockars in News on May 13, 2008 5:42PM

airplanebottles051308.jpgTerrence Camodeca, Orland Park resident, and Village Trustee Pat Gira are working on making "airplane bottles" of liquor illegal in the OP. And then from there, to the county, and the state? (Cue "Trumpets of Doom.")

The idea stems from the fact that Camodeca is picking up a lot of empty tiny bottles when he cleans the road. This means that people are getting wasted on the way home from the local boozer, which, of course, is bad news. This might be why we've outlawed drinking and driving. And having open containers of alcohol in vehicles. One would think this would be enough of a suggestion to not drink while driving. Guess not. He's got a point - no one wants people to drink & drive more. But is a ban on tiny 2 oz. bottles of bad gin & vodka going to solve it?


"Some people are at home right now enjoying a glass of wine and watching 'Dancing with the Stars,' having a nice evening. But some people cannot do that. For some people the temptation is too strong. These miniature bottles are tailored to meet the needs of those drinkers."

But they're not. They're made to make pouring a shot of booze a little easier at 10,000 feet. Does it make it right for people to drink them at ground level behind the wheel? Of course not. But does that mean a ban is necessary?

Camodeca again:

"A person is not going to put a liter of Grey Goose in the car, take a swig and then throw that away,"
No, they'll put that bottle back between their legs so it doesn't spill and cruise away. If you want that drink in the parking lot, you're going to get it. Now just imagine if someone put those tiny bottles in tiny little plastic bags. That'd be like, double secret bannination. [S-T]

"Airplane bottles" from prettywar-STL.