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One Great Sandwich: Our Place.

By L. Stolpman in Food on May 14, 2008 4:00PM


(Ed. Note: This week for "One Great Sandwich" we're going to try something different. In the spirit of the Tribune's "fish taco" offensive from last fall, Ms. Stolpman made a sandwich in the hopes that any sandwich makers, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. look at it and place it on their menus as an offering to customers. We now continue with our regularly scheduled post.)

Imagine a just-baked ficelle (slightly thinner baguette) with a crisp outside and soft, still warm inside, sliced down the middle and spread with a nice double creme brie. Now top it with slices of fresh, ripe strawberries. Or maybe slices of perfectly ripened pears? Or apples? Where can you find this indulgent treat? Our kitchen. That's because it isn't offered by any Chicago restaurants - at least, not just yet.

Until then, here's how to treat yourself to one great, indulgent sandwich: Go to Trader Joe's and get a loaf of ficelle - the kind that is almost fully cooked. It requires another 8 or so minutes in your oven to reach perfection (just follow the directions on the package). It will set you back $0.99. Seriously. Slice down the middle, spread with brie. Top with slices of fresh strawberries, apple or pear. Or all of the above. Perhaps a very light sprinkle of fleur de sel. Indulge and make one for breakfast.