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Chicagoist Revisits Amy Winehouse

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on May 21, 2008 3:19PM

Amy Winehouse photographed by ShoutGravyIt was just over a year ago that we first saw Amy Winehouse in a live setting. We had high hopes for the show based on the buzz she was riding at the time, but our expectations were dashed by her train wreck" of a performance. Even more chilling was our observation that:

It's never a good sign when a performer's pre-show prep includes stumbling in the street in search of non-existent paparazzi, dinner at Subway, and a trip to Walgreens for sweets (that you will later use to pad your set as giveaways between songs).

Keep in mind Winehouse hadn't yet turned into the drug-snorting, stumbling skeleton of a punchline she is now so we caught a lot of flak for our negative review of her show. In retrospect it seems oddly prescient, though even we have to admit we had no idea she would so completely waste her talents in such a self-destructive spiral.

What we find really alarming, though, is that Winehouse went from being one of our brightest hopes in terms of old school R&B talent to becoming a human gapers block in such an astonishing short period of time. Does anyone else find her downfall even sadder than Brit Brit's?

Photo by ShoutGravy