First No Talking, Now No Texting….

By Anthony Todd in News on May 21, 2008 4:45PM

Texting.jpg According to CBS2, Secretary of State Jesse White is planning to propose a ban on texting while driving. Chicago's ban on talking on a cell phone on the road took effect three years ago, but law enforcement officials feel that it needs to be tightened in response to the dramatic increase in text messaging.

Chicago does seem to enjoy banning things (and then, perhaps, lifting the bans) but we think that this one might be reasonable. Cities around the country have enacted or are considering similar laws, and anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that texting-related crashes are on the rise. A survey last year by the Harris company found that a whopping 91 percent of people are in favor of banning text messaging while driving.

The only problem we can see? People who don't obey the law frantically trying to hide their phones whenever they see a police car. We've nearly been run off the road by people dropping and then picking up their phones to continue their interrupted conversation. How dare the police get in the way of their gossip! [photo by ford.]