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Angry, Criminal Old Man Homophobic, Xenophobic, Has a Potty Mouth

By Margaret Lyons in News on Jun 10, 2008 8:03PM

2008_6_10.schweihs.jpgFrank "The German" Schweihs was in court today, weakened but not defeated by his battle cancer. Schweihs was supposed to face prosecution as part of the Family Secrets, but he was too sick, so his trial is set for this October. He was in court today for a hearing, and boy oh boy was he chock full of insults and bad language, largely directed at prosecutors. When one apparently looked at Schweihs, the alleged mobster shouted, "Yeah you, you making eyes at me? Do I look like a fag to you?" He also called one of the prosecutors an "a[ss]hole," and upon observing that assistant US attorney wears a turban, asked his lawyer if they were "in a foreign country." You stay classy, The German! [S-T, Trib, AP]

For those of you keeping score at home, here's how three different media outlets published what Schweihs said:

  • "Fag":
    • Ran in the Sun-Times as: "Do I look like a fag to you?" Schweihs asked.
    • Ran in the Trib as: "Do I look like a [expletive] to you or something?"
    • Ran in the AP story as: not mentioned

  • "Asshole"
    • Ran in the Sun-Times as: Schweihs later referred to another federal prosecutor in court as "another a--hole."
    • Ran in the Trib as: He then used another expletive for Funk as the hearing broke up.
    • Ran in the AP story as: Before the hearing was finished and marshals wheeled him away, Schweihs spat out one last insult -- an obscenity -- to describe one of the prosecutors[.]