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Madigan's Impeachment Memo: Investigate Blago

By Margaret Lyons in News on Jun 11, 2008 3:32PM

2008_6_11.madigan.jpgOh, snap! House Speaker Mike Madigan is circulating a 14-page memo titled "Talking Points on Beginning Impeachment Proceedings Against Governor Blagojevich." Madigan says the memo isn't calling for Blago's immediate impeachment--it's asking the House to determine if there's grounds for impeachment. Tomayto, tomahto?

The memo says there are "three bases" the House needs to investigate:

  • Blago's ongoing ties to criminals. "Criminal activity in the Blagoievich administration is no longer theoretical - it is proven." That part is underlined in the memo.
  • Blago's "violation of his oath of office," trying to operate "outside of the Illinois Constitution and state law."
  • Blago's not doing anything. "Aside from an occasional meeting or event appearance, he is not faithfully executing the duties of his office."

Rawr! More milk, table two!

More memo-y goodness after the jump.

Our favorite memo point:

The call for the House to begin impeachment proceedings rests more on just the possibility of Rod Blagojevich's involvement in criminal activities. Apart from the obvious distraction the federal criminal investigations have presented him, a review and examination of his ability and interest to be the governor of the state is in order. The level of dysfunction and disagreement has reached a fever pitch under his watch. He shows remarkably little ability to govern. He cannot compromise and unless people do exactly as he wishes, he is at a loss. A governor must be a conciliator - and he has proven, again and again, to be a divider, not a uniter.

The memo is ostensibly directed at people running for State Representative, and includes a complete mock-Q&A to help candidates answer questions. Questions like...

Are you doing this at Mike Madigan's behest?
This has nothing to do with Mike Madigan. I'm doing this because, after carefully considering the facts and thinking about what is in the best interests of the state, I am convinced that it is the best course and now is an appropriate time. As far as I now, the Speaker has been resistant to the idea of impeachment.
So, neither Madigan nor his staff has had any involvement with you or preparing you to make this announcement?
I am calling for the House to begin impeachment proceedings because I believe that it's the right thing to do. I've researched the issue on my own and after careful consideration believed that now is the right time to do it.

Other gems:

  • "[Note: DO NOT get involved in a debate about what President Jones will or will not do. Don't even mention his name.] " Heh.
  • "Are you just doing this to benefit Lisa Madigan's goal to become governor? [Note: Don't repeat her name or get into a discussion about her future political plans. This matter has nothing whatsoever to with that, and the line-of-succession is to the Lt. Gov.]"
  • "What's wrong with Democrats? Why can't they govern? It's not a problem with the Democrats, it's a problem with the governor." That question is amazing. High-five to the fake reporter who's asking it.

There's also a 30-point list of "Blagojevich's Misdeeds and Malfeasance from High to Low (A Far from Complete List)" and the inclusion of a scathing Trib editorial.

And the Blago camp? Lo, they are angry.

"This is another example of the pettiness, silliness and backroom games that Speaker Madigan has been playing for months to prevent progress," Blagojevich spokeswoman Abby Ottenhoff said. "We wish he would drop his behind-the-scenes maneuvering and come to the [legislative] leaders' meetings."

Wow.[S-T, .pdf of the memo, photo via]