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Bumper Stickers Not Helping Us “Coexist” on the Road

By Ali Trachta in Miscellaneous on Jun 17, 2008 3:32PM

2008_06_coexist.jpgAccording to a new study, drivers with bumper stickers on their cars are more prone to aggressive driving, including angry horn-honking, tailgating, and general bird-flipping road rage.

This tendency isn’t just bumper-sticker specific. It was found that any driver with “territorial markers” including personalized license plates, decals and the like is prone to this behavior. Experts speculate that those who sport these types of markers tend to see the road as “theirs,” therefore “Grandpa” and “Buddy” behind the wheel are encroaching on their lane, their street, their space. Road rage is a serious concern, considering it is potentially responsible for two-thirds of all injury-causing accidents in this country.

And don’t think this only applies to cars with Confederate flag stickers. Apparently the same predisposition applies to those with peaceful messages on their bumpers, so watch out for those angry hippies too. [Trib]

Photo by ChicagoEye.