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Ask Chicagoist: Green Spas?

By Thales Exoo in Miscellaneous on Jun 20, 2008 2:40PM

2008_06_askmassage.jpgAre there any spas near Chicago that specialize in green/non-toxic spa treatments? I'm especially interested in one that might offer pre- or post-natal treatments for an environmentally conscious new mommy, but any non-toxic services would be great!

Soon to be an Auntie

Hi Auntie!

Congratulations. You're already light years into being the coolest sister/sister-in-law by thinking about spa treatments for her weary pregnant body, so some unsolicited advice on being a cool aunt. We really excel in the aunt department, and highly recommend buying the coolest toys, making funny faces, crawling around on the floor, tickling, chasing and letting your niece/nephew get away with pretty much anything when it's just the two of you. Just sayin' ...

Environmentally friendly AND pampering? Sounds blissful. Non-toxic might be the green marketing buzzword, but you know...If it feels good and doesn't hurt the planet, who can really argue? But luckily for us, since it's trendy, it's out there. There are many spas in Chicago that have latched onto that ecofriendly train, and have some absolutely luxurious sounding treatments and spaces.

Salon Echo (1134 W. Bryn Mawr, 773-989-2358) in Andersonville has really gone the extra mile when it comes to green construction -- they claim to have achieved 85 percent sustainability. They've even painted their entire space using low-VOC paints and adhesives, used recycled flooring and upholstery, constructed work spaces from grass (wow!), and they have some fancy heat-exchanger HVAC system that uses less energy. The construction aside, they offer the usual massages and facials, with the products for the facials sounding pretty natural -- pumpkin and Vitamin C, for example. They do not, however, advertise for any specific prenatal massages. But the facials, manicures, pedicure, and everything else should be perfect for mom-to-be.

Allyu (600 W. Chicago, 312-755-1313) is "an earth conscious spa" dedicated to "the art of healing." So a spa with a spiritual bent. They also focused on sustainability in creating their space, by using reclaimed stone and wood, mesquite and cork flooring, and adobe-style textured clay plaster. They use natural Astara products in their spa treatments, and offer a spa-day package for pregnant women called "Pahamama: the first Mother, the Earth Mother" that for $210.00 includes a 60 minute prenatal massage, 30 minute facial, a manicure and a pedicure.

Although they don't immediately tout themselves as green/environmentally-friendly/natural/sustainable, multitudes of other spas around the city cater to pregnant moms with prenatal massages, spa treatments and combo packages. One of the more interesting ones was Spa Space (161 N. Canal, 312-466-9585). They not only have all the typical massages, scrubs, facials, and associated packages, but also have a belly imprint service. They basically create a mold of the pregnant woman's belly, "the perfect gift for you and your baby to cherish for years to come." We're not convinced baby will care, but it's quite the, um ... souvenir?

Keep in mind, with all prenatal massages, your sister(-in-law) will need to consult her doctor before booking an appointment, and the spas will need to see written permission from her doctor before they proceed. Keeping everyone safe!

Where else would you recommend to our new auntie?

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