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"WWOE: What Would Obama Eat?"

By Chuck Sudo in Food on Jul 22, 2008 4:37PM

2008_07_WWOE.jpgSure signs of summer: fluff pieces from newspapers analyzing the dietary habits of our Presidential candidates. This one in the Wall Street Journal (via the Bright One) takes a look at the restaurants both Senators Barack Obama and John McCain frequent and discover what those restaurants say about them and their families.

The Cliff's Notes? Obama is a cosmopolitan husband and father living in a city known for its world-class dining; McCain is some doddering old dude who lives in Arizona and is set in his gastronomic ways. Okay, we're exaggerating about Obama. The article, however, does give Journal reporter Raymond Sokolov an excuse to visit and rave about Topolobampo and Sepia, all while developing initial signs of a disturbing crush on Michelle Obama.

The candidates to share some common culinary ground: both love pizza and simple Tex-Mex. We're surprised that there haven't been more of these types of pieces written.[S-T]

Photo via Barack Obama's Website.