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ACLU Calls On Blago To End Racial Profiling

By Kevin Robinson in News on Jul 25, 2008 5:00PM

The American Civil Liberties Union, along with several prominent civil rights groups, are asking Governor Blagojevich to end the practice of so-called "consent searches".

2008_7_ISP.jpgThe request comes after an analysis of self-reported data generated by the state Department of Transportation showing that state police ask minorities for permission to search their vehicles without warrants two and a half times more often than white drivers. That data also shows that contraband, such as weapons and drugs, are found on white drivers far more often, suggesting that such searches aren't effective at combating crime. "With a single executive order, Governor Blagojevich can end this practice that is proven to be discriminatory," said Harvey M. Grossman, Legal Director of the ACLU of Illinois. "The Governor not only can fix the policy. He can assure that minority drivers in Illinois no longer are targeted for humiliating, degrading roadside searches even though there is no evidence that they have broken any laws."