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Drew Peterson, Len Wawczak Play The Feud

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Jul 25, 2008 8:40PM

2008_07_25_drew.jpgAnd here we thought we were going to go into the weekend quietly. The saga of Drew Peterson took another tumble further into Crazy Land today. Bolingbrook's Most Notorious Ex-Husbandâ„¢ finally crossed paths with "friend" Len Wawczak for the first time since that whole "wire" thing went down earlier this week and the confrontation descended into fisticuffs in a strip mall parking lot this afternoon. It all started when D-Pete allegedly spent a haircut shooting dirty looks at Wawczak's 20-year old son, who was in the same barbershop. That, coupled with the following revelation, was all it took for Wawczak to hulk out on D-Pete:

Wawczak had also just learned that Peterson reportedly told a reporter that he and Wawczak's wife, Paula Stark, had sex.
Daaaaaaaaaaamn! At least eight squad cars responded and both Wawczak and D-Pete were taken into custody.