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Cubs Fans Beat Up Sox Fan

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Jul 29, 2008 7:45PM

cubs_vs_sox.gifEven before William Ligue Jr. ran onto the field at Comiskey Park and attacked a Royals coach, Cubs fans have tried to pin the undeserving "violent" label as a negative stereotype of Sox fans [Ed.'s note: It probably has something to do with incidents like this]. Never mind that Ligue admitted to actually being a Cubs fan... or that it was outside Wrigley Field that a fan was shot and killed [Ed's note: Touché, Lipsman].

Once again, Cubs fans proved that they're truly the more pugnacious baseball fans when three of them were accused of attacking a White Sox fan while attending a two-year old's "Sesame Street" themed birthday party. Classy, boys.

Jaroslaw Czapla, Boguslaw Czapla and Maciej Trojnar face charges of mob action and aggravated battery after their altercation with Robert Steele at the event. While the article mentions that alcohol was involved, it fails to mention anything further about what actually instigated the beat down and how authorities know that it's related to taking our fine city's baseball rivalry a bit too far.

For the rest of you baseball fans, Chicagoist would like to again remind you that it's just a game. Good natured ribbing of your yuppie Cubs fan colleague or mullet-sporting Sox fan cousin is just fine but please stick to words. Everybody knows it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye -- which, sadly, Steele did.