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Chicagoist Poll: Great Date Vol. 2

By Amy Mikel in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 7, 2008 7:26PM

snogging.JPGAs the end of summer draws near (sobbing) we asked some Chicagoist staffers what they would choose to do if they had to plan a date this weekend. Behold.

Tankboy: I'd take them to go see my show at the Hideout tomorrow with The Ladies & Gentlemen, Farewell Captain, and The Safes. They'd HAVE to share a cab ride home with me at the end of the night so I could have a chance to close the deal in a more intimate setting than a packed post 3 a.m. bar.

Me: Tomorrow night, check out the Beyond the Backyard exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, then head across the street to SummerDance to bop to some sweet Motown music.

Margaret: ET in the park on Saturday night, and a picnic.

Ali: Italian is always a romantic way to go, but since it's summer, Italian outside is even better. I would hit up the Taylor Street Festa Italiana this weekend so my lover and I can have one of those Lady and the Tramp sucking on the same noodle moments.

Jacy: All day date: Bike to Green City Market on Saturday morning, make a picnic lunch (including a thermos of strawberry basil vodka lemonade) and enjoy what beautiful remaining moments of the summer we have left by the lake. Then realize we probably shouldn't have drank the entire thermos of vodka since we're on our bikes and walk to AMC to catch the latest Apatow, share a romantic box of Sno Caps, and listen to the audience laugh every time Seth Rogan says, "Dude! That's weird, man. Dude."

Laura: I'd start with dinner at Mixteco and then head to the Humboldt Park Boat House to enjoy the outdoor air and nice weather and to see Ocho Puertas, a Spanish documentary about a music club in Puerto Rico.

Kevin: I'm a big fan of meeting for either coffee or drinks for a first date, so I would meet at Ola's, Whirl Away, or Bernice's. If things went well, we'd either go walk around the neighborhood, or go make out in a park.

Image via TheeErin