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Extra, Extra

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Aug 14, 2008 11:30PM

Photo by sfmoe

Despite delays and opposition, officials hope to have the new O'Hare runway open by November 20 and hope Air Force One will be the plane to christen it.

Family members are furious and demanding answers in the case of a Waukegan teen who was fatally shot by police during a domestic disturbance yesterday.

The son of Georgette Watson, the school principal who died last December while sedated during a root canal, agreed to an $8.5 million settlement with the two dentists who performed the procedure, Lawrence Feldman and Joseph Feldman.

Chicago Public School students will soon be able to use new ID cards on the CTA.

Scientists are worried that a current invasion of New Zealand mud snails will hurt the ecosystem of Lake Michigan. Because the current amount of pollutants in the lake doesn't hurt it at all.

University of Chicago paleontologists, looking for dinosaurs in the Sahara, stumbled across an ancient graveyard that is between 6,000 and 10,000 years old and indicates the Sahara was once "a lush paradise." Paleontologists + Dinosaurs + Graveyards = Triple Nerd Score!

Governor Blagojevich leads a pig around a pen. Our brain just asploded from too many bad politician jokes at once.

Our neighbors to the north in Milwaukee are the lucky recipients of a bronze statue of The Fonz, which should fit in nicely with the First United Church of the Fonz. We still liked Henry Winkler better in Arrested Development, though.

Wondering why Netflix hasn't yet delivered all your movies for your weekend Rambo marathon? Wonder no more.

And, finally, what's a day without an incident involving an inflatable dog turd wreaking havoc? Art show or bad Pink Floyd homage? You be the judge.