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If You Find Free, Naturally Occurring Weed In Indiana, For God's Sake Call the Cops

By Margaret Lyons on Aug 21, 2008 5:26PM

2008_8_21.thanksfornothinghoosiers.jpgThe Indiana Dunes are home to wildly growing marijuana, according to the National Parks Service and Indiana law enforcement. Officials have apparently found plants growing throughout the park and its adjacent properties.

Officials said they aren't sure yet just how many plants are in the 15,000-acre park in northwest Indiana. And—in a straight-faced move—they're asking for the public's help in finding it.

If you find wild marijuana growing in the park, officials ask that you call 800-PARK-TIP.

What's that Girl Scout phrase? "Leaves of three, leave me be, leaves of...hey, pie!" I think that's it. [Trib]

And now, for basically no reason at all, an image from the National Parks Service website that made me chuckle. I'm an easy audience!