Obama Bingo!

By Jacy Wojcik in Miscellaneous on Aug 28, 2008 9:00PM

2008_08_28_obamabingo.JPGIf drinking games aren't your thing and you're looking for something interactive for tonight's highly anticipated speech by Sen. Obama at the Democratic National Convention, there is still time time to purchase your Obama Bingo card.

Here's how it works:

1. Go online to Obama-Bingo.com and purchase a "commemorative bingo card."
2. Choose from a list of over 100 available charities (anything from World Jewish Congress to Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation).
3. Watch Barack's speech tonight and mark your card when you hear one of the words on your card.
4. The first card to get BINGO gets the entire fund for the charity of their choice!

Click here for official Obama Bingo rules.

Obama Bingo was created by two Denver entrepreneurs, Jaxon Repp and Kevin Joesph, who teamed up with Delicious Monster, a new media consultancy dedicated to "finding innovative ways of engaging consumers online." Their mission is to give $1 million to charity and save 1 million trees by the end of 2009 by delivering "entertaining solutions that bring people together for the common good." So try it out while you follow our liveblog tonight: you get to donate to charity AND you won't have a beer hangover Friday morning. Weeeeee!