The Barack Obama Acceptance Speech Drinking Game.

By Karl Klockars in News on Aug 28, 2008 6:34PM

obamadrinkinginiowa082808.jpgAs much as we'd like to think there's a couple fingers of bourbon in that glass, we doubt it. But since political conventions are traditionally festivals of drunkenness, and seeing as how so many of us are going to be huddled around the television tonight, we figured it might not be a bad idea to lay out some ground rules for some drinking and viewing. Oh, and if you're going to be around a laptop during the speech, Chicagoist will be liveblogging the whole spectacle as well, so set a reminder now, kids.

Likely mentions:

Hope: 1 drink
Change: 1 drink
George W. Bush: 1 drink
McCain: 1 drink
MLK Jr.: 1 drink
John F. Kennedy: 1 drink
Abraham Lincoln: 1 sarsaparilla
Chicago: 1 shot Mallorts
Clinton (either): 1 drink of bitter, bitter tears

The less likely:

“Represent, South siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!” 3 drinks
“Let’s thank the musical entertainment for the evening – nice job, Ludacris.” 1 goblet of Hennessy
“Just kidding, Hillary. You can have the candidacy if you want.” 4 drinks
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my brother, George!” 4 drinks of Senator Lager
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my cousin, Dick Cheney!” 5 drinks
“That New Yorker cover was kinda clever.” 3 drinks
“Screw this flag pin!” 4 drinks
“Black is the new president, bitch!” 4 drinks and one viewing of the 30 Rock episode of your choice
“Everything you’ve read on the internet is true.” Chug the bottle!

Your turn.

We tried like hell to find a picture of Barry drinking beer from the Obama flickr pool, but no dice.