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Fantasy Football Draft Live Blog

By Benjy Lipsman in News on Aug 30, 2008 2:29PM

Millions of football fans have either drafted or will soon be drafting their Fantasy Football teams. As a way to connect with friends, possibly win some money, and as a definite way to kill time at work, it's no wonder that Fantasy Football has grown in popularity. And the web makes drafting and maintaining teams so damn easy!

9:30am: We're about 30 minutes away from our own Fantasy Football draft, which includes seven other sports writers from the Gothamist network. We'll be live-blogging right here.

9:34am: Doh! We just found out we'll be drafting 6th of 8 teams. Draft starts at 10:00am.

9:40am: We went with Neckbeard Army for our team name this year... had to retire Wrecks Grossman.

9:45am: Doing some last minute scouting. Between family in town and the Democratic Convention, we're not as prepared as we'd hoped to be.

9:50am: Wishing we were drafting from our computer at work. Two monitors would be real nice about now... one for the draft board and one for the rest of the windows.

10:00am: First team is on the clock...

10:02am: We're flying through the first round!

10:03am: First Round - Randy Moss WR New England

10:05am: Second Round - Frank Gore RB San Francisco.

10:09am: Third Round - Drew Brees QB New Orleans

10:11am: Fourth Round - Marques Colston WR New Orleans

10:16am: Fifth Round - Antonio Gates TE San Diego

10:20am: Sixth Round - Ernest Graham RB Tampa Bay

10:22am: Seventh Round - Devin Hester WR Chicago

10:25am: Eighth Round - Brett Favre QB NY Jets

10:30am Ninth Round - Dallas Defense

Tenth Round - LenDale White RB Tennessee

10:35am: Damn! We're flying through this thing... previous years took about 2 hours.

10:39am: 11th Round - Bernard Berrian WR Minnesota

10:41am: He's got to be better with the Vikes than he was with the Bears, right?

10:43am: 12th Round - DeMarcus Ware DL Dallas

10:45am: 13th Round - Robbie Gould K Chicago

10:48am: 14th Round - Terrence McGee DB Buffalo

10:51am: 15th Round - Eli Manning QB NY Giants

10:53am: 16th Round - Chester Taylor RB Minnesota

10:55am: 17th Round - Seattle Defense

10:56am: Not a great draft... picking 6th in a 5 RB-deep draft sucks. We felt we had to grab the better options at WR, TE, etc. but weak runners means a weak team. But we've usually had success with picking up free agents after Week 1, so we'll see who's a surprise next weekend and grab him before anyone else does!