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Fine Lines: Retail Sauce, Hot Meal Service, and Learning How to "Help Ourselves"

By Margaret Lyons in Miscellaneous on Sep 2, 2008 8:00PM

2008_9_2.linesgetit.jpg"Well, we can’t change the world, so let’s just enjoy the good news: old, fun, dangerous playgrounds are not completely extinct." —#980: Old, Dangerous Playground Equipment [1000 Awesome Things]

"Sara Lee's retail sauce and dressing business will not be affected."—AP, but for some reason that line cracked me up so bad [AP]

"We can't help ourselves. A woman puts herself front and center, we're going to spend more time commenting on her looks than we would if a man were in the same position."—Richard Roeper, who apparently can't help himself [S-T]

"This anonymous Komodo was probably in mommy's basement, perhaps with a bowl of Chex Mix and a Diet Coke nearby."—John Kass, full of fresh jokes to make about people who post on the Internet [Trib]

"We heard loud and clear from our corporate and our Elite frequent fliers that they value our hot meal service."—A United Airlines spokeswoman saying something that sounds dirty but isn't [AP]

Photo by Rebecca Anne