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Meaningless Monday Political Information: Baked Goods Edition.

By Karl Klockars in Food on Sep 8, 2008 6:30PM

2008_09_Obama_mccain_cookies.jpgGallup. Rasmussen. Zogby. USA Today. Network news and 24-hour cable news. Real Clear Politics averages. All have poll results all over the compass regarding who's winning the presidential race.

And they're all pointless today. You know why? Because here in greater Chicagoland, we've got cookies. That's right - cookies.

smileycookie090808.jpgThe Sun-Times reports that Northbrook-based Max & Benny's have been offering Obama and McCain cookies since July and according to manager/owner Ben Schlan, the $4.95 cookies with Obama's visage have been outselling McCain's from 20-to-1. No word on how the damn things actually taste (insert obvious chocolate/vanilla joke here), but the Veepcookies will be on sale starting today, and the thought of chowing down on Sarah Palin is probably appealing to a lot of people. (Insert obvious moose/barracuda joke here.)

When it comes to other purchase power polling, Obama is also doing well in the general merch election, as well as the soda election. In the mixed drinks race, we have no results.

We'd be happy to vote for JoeM500's smiley cookie. Our write-in would probably still beat Alan Keyes.