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Tina Fey Out-Palins Palin

By Rob Christopher in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 14, 2008 5:30PM

Last night's season premier of SNL was lackluster and sluggish ... except for the opening sketch, which was sheer genius. Second City-alum Tina Fey lived up to the hype and gave a stinging impersonation of VP wannabe Sarah Palin. Fey looked so much like Palin, in her blazing red jacket and stacked hairdo, that the perfectly flat accent (shades of Fargo?) and the smarmy smiles were like icing on the cake.

Amy Poehler's Hillary Clinton had some choice moments too, though. We loved when she said, "I didn't want a woman to be president. I wanted to be president, and I just happen to be a woman," later laughing maniacally and then tearing off part of the podium.

A great sketch, so it's too bad the rest of the evening was blah. Although Michael Phleps did look really cute in that undersized shirt.