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Chicago America's Most Stressful City?

By Margaret Lyons in News on Sep 16, 2008 8:31PM

According to the latest basically meaningless yet weirdly post-worthy list from Forbes Magazine, Chicago is the most stressful city in America. The rankings used housings costs, cost of living, a city's air quality, the number of sunny days per year, and population density. So wait: Expensive, crowded, stinky, grey cities breed stress? Blink blink. Sayeth Forbes: "Chicago has a 7.3% unemployment rate, the eighth most polluted air in our ranking and in city where everybody drives to get around, a gallon of gas costs a nickel under $4 dollars." (Everyone here drives to get around?) We also had the second-highest population density. Hear that, person who lives so hilariously close to me they can see my computer screen from their house? The other stressful cities are, from most to least, New York, Detroit, LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Cleveland, Sal Lake City, Providence and Philadelphia. [Forbes]