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First We'll Throw the Bouquet, Then We'll Throw the Knives

By Margaret Lyons in News on Sep 16, 2008 9:00PM

Man, weddings. They're nuts! Things just never go how you plan. Someone always drinks too much, or brings a date who wasn't invited, or...throws a knife at a kid wrapped in duct tape. Behold today's WTF, from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin:

A groom is accused of throwing a knife at his wedding reception and injuring a young man wrapped in duct tape....
A friend wrapped the victim’s upper body in duct tape and someone commented he looked like a pinata.
[The groom] wanted to hit him with a wooden sword, but the others wouldn’t let him. [The groom] then allegedly grabbed a handful of knives at a house. The complaint says he threw one, hitting the victim in the upper chest.

Ah, mawwage. [AP]