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Margaret and Marcus Turn To The Internet to Brighten Their Afternoon

By Margaret Lyons in Miscellaneous on Sep 16, 2008 8:43PM

Margaret: Marcus, I'm having sort of an off day. Let us turn to the internet in search of wonder.

Marcus: Margaret, I have a bad case of Vacation Tummy and a dwindling IRA fund, so I accept your challenge.

Margaret: I am leading off with bear video:

I love you, bear video

Marcus: Wow, that's great. I wish there had been more "dudes wearing bear costumes walking around town" during the media's Katrina coverage.

Marcus, con't: I suppose even though my IRA fund is shrinking thanks to the new recession, at least I don't have to deal with a dwindling hedge fund

I Can Has Cheezburger, duh

Margaret: See, I find that picture a little upsetting--is it ok to have what are obviously fairytale woodland creatures cohabitating with regular people? I worry. Like, what's next, pet gnomes? Unrelated: Did everyone know Maurice Sendak was gay? I hope that fucking Where The Wild Things are movie gets made already. Jeebus.

Marcus: I had no ideas! I have high hopes for that movie. Speaking of adaptations, this is a few months old, but still makes me laugh: Hamlet - Facebook News Feed Edition

Margaret: Great, Hamlet jokes. it's almost tough to believe my day hasn't been more cheery. I am turning my attention to the mighty wombat.
I like the photo where he's getting his belly tickled and giggling


Marcus: That wombat looks like Marlon Brando crica The Island of Dr. Moreau. Besides, you couldn't be nearly as gloomy as this kid.

Margaret: I'm also enjoying cutest kitten ever.

Marcus: The 12 year old girl in me is squealing

Margaret: Marcus, at least try to one-up me—because I think I might have the winner, at least for the two of us.

Marcus: Well right now I only have the Gothopotamus.

Margaret: Fail Dogs! WINNER. It's our two favorites, dogs and fail blogs. I also found my new favorite t-shirt.


Marcus: Milo approves


Milo the Jack Russel on Daily Puppy, Marcus's favorite website

Margaret: You know my soft spot for terriers! noooo

Marcus: Ha ha!

Margaret: If you were my real friend, you'd build me a treehouse like this:


Image via The Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

Marcus: With or Without the hippie?
Because a good hippie is hard to find

Margaret:That's true, and I could use someone to encourage me to recycle more.Unless you count "leave it on the coffee table until it just gets lost" recycling

Marcus: Hahaha.



"Carnitas" by Chris Appelhans, via Gallery Nucleus


Marcus: That painting feels like a bad acid trip. Or a Flaming Lips record cover. It's terrifying. Almost as terrifying as Jay Mariotti working for the Tribune, maybe

Margaret: I just can't believe that that's true.

Marcus: But Amy Poehler really is leaving SNL. Nooooooo!

Margaret: She's about to squeeze out a Poehlette

Marcus: Funniest Kid Ever. I wonder if they'll get him a baby Segway?

Margaret: Hm. Hey, I found the cover you can copy for your autobiography


Via the incomparable Book Design Review

I know you love a good chimpfuck.

Marcus: Not as much as i love a good chimp ass scratching. Or this.


By Dr. Monster