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Mariotti, Telander Play The Feud

By Marcus Gilmer in News on Sep 22, 2008 7:45PM

At the risk of turning into Mariottist, we couldn't pass up this story. Last week, Mariotti wrote to Michael Miner at The Reader in response to Miner's post regarding Mariotti's alleged deal with the Trib falling through. During that response, Mariotti had this to say about former co-worker and fellow S-T columnist Rick Telander:

I feel sorry for these people you quote. They need to get a grip, do their work, break some stories and concentrate on writing good sports columns. Who cares about me? I could spot Rick Telander 890 words of Rick Reilly, and he still wouldn't write a relevant 900-word column. He's a bitter old man stuck in 1973.

Well, sports blog The Big Lead contacted Telander for a response, and this is what he gave them and it has us all a-flutter as to its implications.

One: If PeeWee Herman hates you, is that bad thing?
Two: Remember these names: Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass, Jack Kelley, Janet Cooke. Does anybody care about Mariotti’s fake date lines, stolen quotes, false scenes, etc.? Anybody?
Three: ask Rick Reilly what he thinks about this hair-dyed and eyebrow-plucked creature.
Four: Put this bitter old man in a room with the yapping fraud, close the door for five minutes, and bring a broom.
Love, Rick Telander

This has gone beyond typical celebutante-esque trash talk and entered the world of serious allegations. We await your response, Jay.